About the expedition

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Off the Eastern coast of Australia lies Raine Island, 85 miles off Cape Grenville near the northern most tip of Cape York. Closed to all except government-permitted scientific research expeditions, the island is a nature preserve which is home to the endangered green turtle.

It's here where photographer Paul Sutherland, along with a team of scientists and filmmakers, studied and documented the natural history of the island including the drama which takes place as the turtles' eggs hatch. In the midst of the cyclone season, Sutherland captured the first glimpse of young hatchlings and as well as the birds, fish and sharks which prey on them.

Every day for the past two weeks, Sutherland checked in to NikonNet.com with words and pictures from the beautiful and brutal world of Raine Island. Read his daily entries here, and see the images from Sutherland's earlier expeditions this year.