On October 21, 75 international teams converged on the South Island of New Zealand, racing non-stop for 5 to 10 days over a rugged and breathtaking 300 miles of terrain, mountain biking, river rafting, horseback riding, and mountaineering their way to the finish line.

This was Eco-Challenge, and if the race sounds rough for the contestants, don't worry, it was almost as grueling for the photographers who covered it.


Blue Pixel, a team of seven men with diverse shooting backgrounds, have been documenting the race for the past six years. This year, to get the photos they were after, they camped on glaciers, and used helicopters, boats, ATVs, even horses to follow the contestants across the terrain. Armed with the new Nikon D1X, they shot over 28,000 images of the event.

Each day, they reported back to NikonNet with pictures and daily updates as the teams moved across the countryside. In another special edition of On the Road Again, see whose skills and endurance topped the list in this year's Eco-Challenge -- follow the participants through the various legs of the race, and see the victorious Team Salomon/Eco-Internet from the United States cross the finish line in record time.


Eco Challenge
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